Alytus Youth Center is a non-formal education, self-expression and leisure school for children, youth and adults.

Its purpose is to meet the needs of non-formal education and leisure activities of students (children, youth and adults) by using various sources of funding and the intellectual resources of the institution’s community; to provide opportunities for students of all ages to unfold and implement their creative abilities in the cultural and social sphere, to find a place in an increasingly modern world, to form a system of values ​​for young people by providing educational content.

Alytus Youth Center is a non-formal education institution which cannot be directly assigned with only the functions of additional occupation.  These include a wide range of motivational training, new opportunities, initiative, valuable and purposeful use of time, prevention of harmful habits, development of personal and social competences, preparation for life by acquiring the basics of professional knowledge, motivation to choose, to achieve results and to learn.  Safe, oriented, democratic, open and attractive to the public, known worldwide as a center providing high quality services.

Main activities of the institution:

  • regular education of children, youth and adults: studies, clubs, courses, schools, centers;
  • cultural events: international and national, festivals, exhibitions, competitions, festivals, meetings, discussions, debates, seminars, conferences, summer camps;
  • exchange of information, cooperation with youth organizations, cultural and educational events, preparation and participation in youth education, cultural exchange projects and programs.

Alytus Youth Center is open to all people of ages 3 to 99, regardless of their place of residence or education.


  • we have a great creative, pedagogical and psychological potential;
  • we are creating an attractive contemporary educational environment and material base;
  • we offer attractive and relevant forms of educational and recreational activities;
  • we offer a complete freedom for creativity;
  • we develop personal, social and educational competencies;
  • we listen to the desires of students and visitors;
  • we keep up with the pulse of life;
  • we encourage initiative and leadership;
  • we organise many international projects;
  • we are open to new ideas;
  • we offer employment without age limit;
  • We are tolerant.

Expanding non-formal education services for children and adults, ensuring the quality of non-formal education and diversity of student self-expression.

Providing high-quality non-formal and adult education services, ensuring the quality of non-formal education and diversity of student self-expression.

Nationality and citizenship.
Creativity, resourcefulness and initiative.
Partnership and cooperation.
Openness to change, exploration and new ideas.
Fostering and protecting the learning environment.

Alytus Youth Center
Tvirtovės g. 3, Alytus LT-62116
Tel. +370 315 25 915
Register of Legal Entities
Code 191057535

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