Artistic photography studio

Type of activity
Artistic photography studio

Teacher’s name
Vitas Zabita

What are children going  to learn during the session?
They are going to become familiar with the principles of operation of the camera, camera types, their specifications. They are going to  learn how  to shoot using  manual settings. Children will find out about  the genres of photography  and  the basic rules of composition, they  will be also  able to create artistic photos and have an opportunity to take part in exhibitions.

How  is  your  session  different?
Nowadays almost all people have a possibility to shoot and share their images with one  another. It becomes  common that a person  wants not just to capture an image, but to make a picture more artistic, to be  exceptional or have a long lasting value. During these sessions we will cooperate and try to complete various photographic assignments.

Briefly describe yourself
I like my job and  I am communicative, patient and tolerant. I am interested in many subjects not just in  art or photography , but also in psychology, politics, economy and sports.