Alytus Youth Center (AYC) – it is an institution, providing the whole range of non-formal education activities and additional occupations. AYC is a basis and place of experienced, talented, creative and motivated staff, teachers, offering new opportunities, and initiatives. We prevent from harmful habits, educate personal and social competencies, prepare for life by providing professional knowledge, motivating to choose, to study and achieve results.

Alytus Youth Centre is the establishment, involving the highest number of students and visitors among non-formal education schools in Alytus, and it is the second largest center in the country.

AYC offers educational activities, events, exhibitions, and other forms of learning, occupation and pastime, supports and actively involves over 1000 members of the community – children, youth and adults, some of whom are motivation and purpose driven, and others who just want to find themselves and to achieve the objective – to become a successful person.

Address Tvirtovės street. 3, LT–62116, Alytus, Lithuania

Telephone +370 315 25915    

Contact person Jūratė Treigienė (Director)

Email ajc@ajc.lt

Web www.ajc.lt

            Why are we necessary?

  • we have great creative, pedagogical, psychological potential;
  • we create attractive modern educational environment and material facilities;
  • offer attractive and up-to-date educational and entertaining activities;
  • provide full creative freedom;
  • develop personal and social competencies;
  • listen to student’s and visitor’s preferences;
  • encourage initiative and leadership;
  • work on many international projects;
  • we are open for new ideas;
  • offer occupation for any age;
  • we are tolerant;


  • Provide freedom to choose from a variety of educational, cultural, cognitive, entertaining, active ways of leisure time.
  • Promote teamwork and cooperation objective – the common student and teacher success.
  • Provide equivalent importance of cherishing tradition,  innovation, and tolerance for thinking “otherwise”.


  • AYC – safe, oriented, democratic, open and attractive for the society.
  • AYC – well known in Lithuania and in the world as the centre providing high quality services


“I live as long as I strive” – the credo, based on the center community continuous pursuit of improvement all lifelong.

Proposed activities

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CORE – CLIL Objectives and ResourceKit in Education